Q: What I get if I collaborated with you?

You will get the fast, flexible, and responsive service. Technically I will work for the best design you love, for cover or interior, both print and digital purpose. If your book is hardcover, I will help you to choose the color and finish for your book’s case. And you only need supply the ISBN, I will provide the barcode in your back cover.

Q: I like your designs but I don’t see my genre in your portfolio. How do I know you can design what I want?

I design for a lot of different genres if yours is a new genre it became challenging to me to make a design you’ll love. Please let me know the line and we can discuss for the best.

Q: How can I assure that your design competitive in the market?

Before work a design, market research would be the first thing that I do to ensure that your cover fits into its category and standing apart from the market competition.

Q: What do you need before make a design?

Please send me a PDF of your manuscript or a book summary by e-mail. I will read and try to feel your book. It helps me to know and feel the character of your book, which books to might be compared, and what is the age range and gender of the people you wish to reach.

Q: I don’t know my final page count yet, and I won’t know it for a while, is that a problem?

That’s very normal, especially if you’re looking to do an eBook release prior to the paperback. I can use a provisional spine until you give me the final page count.

Q: I have written the back cover’s text but I am not sure that it would be attractive?

Just ask, I will help you to edit your text for the back cover, as well as tips for writing the effective and “selling” copy. Enjoy the process, I’ll help you avoid mistakes and get the best cover possible.

Q: How long it takes to finish a design?

Normally you should allow one to two weeks to receive up to three alternative concepts of the front covers. From the chosen concept you are welcome to ask for as many revisions as you like. After you approve the front cover, the back cover and spine follow within a few days. If you in a rush please let me know then we can discuss it.

Q: How do you work with clients in different countries?

Nowadays different places and times are not a big deal. The internet makes a possible for us to connected with no border, anywhere anytime. I use email, WhatsApp, Skype, and some social media to make a communication more flexible. If you prefer to talk on the phone (VoIP), that’s no problem.

Q: How much should I pay for a cover design?

Do not hesitate, please contact me for this inquiry (click here).

Q: What does the price include?

The price you paid included the design fee for your final design and any all rights to use the cover design in any format you want.

Q: Can I supply an image for the cover?

Yes. However, the image needs to be high enough resolution (300 dpi) and you must own the rights to use the image. Please remind that supplying your own image (photos, illustrations, artworks, etc.) doesn’t change the cover design fee.

Q: Can I use the cover design for other adapted version of languages?

Sure. Please send me the translated title and other texts on that cover, I will help you to do small edit and adjust the design into the adapted version for free.


*If you have additional questions, feel free to visit my contact page. Many thanks! I look forward to collaborating with you. -Prast