Teguh Prastowo, Indonesian-born graphic designer, illustrator, and editor was graduated from a Visual Communication Design and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta-Indonesia. Over the last twelve years had been working as a professional book designer. He has been fortunate to collaborate with amazing authors, editors, illustrators, artists, photographers, and art directors to make a visual magnet through the magnificent and important publications.

Hundreds of book’s covers and interiors designed for diverse clients from Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hongkong, China, Japan, Geneva, Germany, Netherlands, also California. Not a few of them received awards and became the best-selling books. Regarding his works, Prast believed that nowadays the visual communication including graphic design is an effective and important path toward the better civilization for human and their environments. Therefore graphic design isn’t only about the meets of a beautiful images and nice types, moreover is the way to deliver the urgent messages.

Currently, Prastowo live in Yogyakarta, a heterogeneous city with the deep passionate of arts and culture. Among the various activities, he still enjoy spend the leisure time with his lovely golden retriever, Copa.


*photo taken at Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Nanjing, People Republic of China (2016).