I admire the way Prastowo made the lay-out of my book published by Galangpress in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: ‘’Angsa Merampas Roti Bebek-Bebek, Masa Kanak-kanakku di Kamp Tahanan Jepang di Jawa’’ (The Goose Snactches the Bread from the Ducks, My Childhood in a Japanese Interment Camp on the Isle of Java’’). The book contains the many little drawings my sister, brother and I made in the camp-situation itself and every drawing is accompanied by a piece of text. Prasto took care of a wonderful arrangement over the pages and even introduced special little arrows to make sure readers could easily find their way. Morover the colors of both the drawings and the cover are marvelous-es.”

Anne-Ruth Wertheim, Netherlands journalist and writer, Researcher, Storyteller



I am delighted to recommend Mr Prastowo the superb designer of my first book published in Indonesian NENEMBUS BADAI. His book cover told the story of my book. He suggested the most apropos title for the book. A title that I personally would not have been able to arrive at. His editing and pages design for the book were excellent. His kind personality, gentle approach, caring and seriousness made my publishing effort a delightful experience. His honesty was beyond reproach. I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating publishing in Indonesian.</p>

That T. Ngo, Ph.D.FACB, FAIC, FRACI, Chinese-American biochemist, Researcher, Writer living in Irvine CA, United State of America.